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Today in class I was asked to research and read other blogs that focus on the same material as mine does. After looking and reading many different blogs, I came across a blog that is called “This Ain’t Hell.” ( As I was reading into the blog more, I found out that this blog writer has lived through it. He not only posts about the things that he has lived through, he has posted blogs about other things that involve anything military. This bloger has been around since 2006. As I continue to read more of their postings, I realize that he pretty much posts anything that involves the political world or the military life. As I look at their blog I noticed our blogs are completely different, but at the same time. How could that be, you may ask yourself. Well this is what is means, this blog that I came across, has went through things that other men and women have seen. He informs people about the problems that come with seeing and being apart of the things that these men and women see during combat or anything. It also explains what they go through each and everyday as they live their lives known as a military men or women. He also posts about political things. Now looking at my blog, you can see that I am strictly writing about one thing and only one thing which is being a military sister and how to get through the tough times. “This ain’t Hell” is a good blog to inform us military families and non-military families what our love ones go through. While my blog is simply to inform they struggles that us military families go through and to help those understand that do not know how it is. So go check out “This ain’t Hell” blog and look into more yourself(:



Think to yourself for a moment, your mother, father, bother, or sister is about to get on a bus that will take them to a port to get on a huge aircraft carrier, which then takes them into the middle of the ocean. While they are in the middle of the ocean they have no contacted with the outside world what so ever, besides email. Oh, and on top of all that, they cannot tell you where they are and sometimes you won’t receive an email for weeks, so you are sitting there worried sick because you have no idea what is going or if they are okay. You have just imagined the feeling that family members go through when one of their loved ones gets deployed. I have gone through two deployments with my brother and I will be going through a third one sometime in 2014. Both of those deployments were unbelievably hard on my parents and I. The first deployment was a rude awakening, not only did my brother get on that boat, my best friend was on it. My brother is my best friend, my go to guy, could you imagine losing both of those things for 6 months and plus? You would think that the first deployment would be the hardest, well in my case it was not, the second one was the hardest thing I have had to deal with, with him being in the Military. You might be thinking to yourself, why was the second one so much harder than the first? Well the second deployment was during my senior year, the year where a girl gets to shine. With my brother being on that aircraft carrier, he missed everything. He missed my prom, my graduation, and my graduation party. But my brother made sure he was still there some how. What I mean by that is, he had his best friend, Ron Brown, be there for everything and I mean everything. So if you are going through a hard time and missing a loved one, look towards their best friend. You will be surprised what their best friend does will remind you of your loved one. If I didn’t have my brothers best friend at all of those events, it would not have been the same. Keep your chin up because your mother, father, brother, or sister does not want you to be sad during the time you get to shine the most!(:Image



Today is going to be a different post then most. Today I am just going to talk about the men and women that wear these dress blues in the picture above. These men and women are regular people just like you and I. Just because they have different hair cuts, they dress differently, and present themselves differently does not mean they are not regular people. These men and women have families and friends that they leave behind to do “what their calling is,” as most would say. These people may seem like they are different simply due to the fact that they wear these blues. So next time you look at a Marine or any military men or women at that, remember they are just like you.