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Today in class I was asked to research and read other blogs that focus on the same material as mine does. After looking and reading many different blogs, I came across a blog that is called “This Ain’t Hell.” ( As I was reading into the blog more, I found out that this blog writer has lived through it. He not only posts about the things that he has lived through, he has posted blogs about other things that involve anything military. This bloger has been around since 2006. As I continue to read more of their postings, I realize that he pretty much posts anything that involves the political world or the military life. As I look at their blog I noticed our blogs are completely different, but at the same time. How could that be, you may ask yourself. Well this is what is means, this blog that I came across, has went through things that other men and women have seen. He informs people about the problems that come with seeing and being apart of the things that these men and women see during combat or anything. It also explains what they go through each and everyday as they live their lives known as a military men or women. He also posts about political things. Now looking at my blog, you can see that I am strictly writing about one thing and only one thing which is being a military sister and how to get through the tough times. “This ain’t Hell” is a good blog to inform us military families and non-military families what our love ones go through. While my blog is simply to inform they struggles that us military families go through and to help those understand that do not know how it is. So go check out “This ain’t Hell” blog and look into more yourself(:


3 thoughts on “blog vs blog

  1. Twist says:

    I came over here from TAH and would like to say that is nice to see a young college student take interest in Military matters. Keep it up.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Thanks for taking the time to “get” us.

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