The “See You Laters”

ImageEver have a parent, family member or even a friend that you are very close with go away on vacation and you had to say ‘goodbye’ to them until you seen them again? I’m sure everyone has experienced a time like that. Try experiencing that multiple times with the same person. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Oh that would get easier as time goes on with it being the same person.” Well this blog post will tell you different. First off in a military family we do not believe in ‘goodbyes’, we believe in ‘see you laters.’ This is because a ‘see you later’ is more comforting because it always leaves you with hope and reassuring that your family member will be back, most of the time. With that being said, there are two types of ‘see you laters.’ The first one is the deployment ‘see you later.’ This one is harder than any ‘see you later’ that you will encounter with a military man or woman. The reasoning behind it, is because during a deployment you have no contact with them except email. But with using a ‘see you later’ you have that pillow that you can lean on when times start getting rough. The second ‘see you later’ is when they are going back to where they are station at. Yes, this one is difficult but it much easier than the first. They are miles apart from you but this time you have more contact with them, they have their phones, they have internet, and you could even Skype or FaceTime. So next you are saying a ‘goodbye’ to a loved one that is leaving to either serve for their country or to go back to where they are station, think more of it as a ‘see you later’ or even a ‘see you soon.’



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