The Branches.

ImageThere are five different branches, these branches are the Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. The Marines are the first military men and women on grounds of a combat situation. The Army Branch is the oldest out of all them and their job is to protect the security of the Untied State and its resources. The Navy men and women’s job is to protect the right to travel and trade freely on the world’s ocean and protects the national interest overseas. Coast Guards job is to protect America’s waterways and deploys with the Navy during wartime. Lastly, the Air Forces job is to protects America’s interest at home and aboard with a focus on air power. As you can see all of these branches have different jobs, but this does not mean that one is better than the other. Of course if you ask a military men or women they will say that their branch is better than others, but they all work together to protect our freedom. They deserve every ounce of respect that they can receive. 


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