sibling love

Ever sit there and say “i hate you” to an old or younger sister or brother? What about saying it directly to their faces? I was one that used to say those hurtful words to my older brother. Do not get me wrong, brothers and sisters have their harmless fighting but think before the words “i hate you” come out of your mouth. My brother and I use to fight a lot. He is my older brother, so of course there is that power he holds over me. Our fights used to get really out of hand and my parents could verify that for me. But see the thing is, when we were fighting we always knew we would get over it sooner or later. Also when we fought we never thought in a million years that he would just be gone one day. Having my brother join the military opened my eyes that the fighting all the time was un-needed and pointless. The point of this blog is to open my readers eyes and show them how fast something can get taken away from you. Having a sibling in the military, you are left wondering what is going to happen now. My brother is my best friend and I could not imagine going through a day without him. So when you are in a fight with a sibling, think before act or say. How would you feel if the last words your sibling heard coming out of your mouth was “i hate you” Image


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